We connect you with the leading ngo consultancy services. The consultants provide services to NGOs and corporate sector. They provide technical support for strengthening capacities in terms of keeping proper documentation, certification, information technology, accountancy, monitoring & evaluation and project planning & implementation.


  •  The expert ngo consultant provides consultancy, technical and professional support and guidance, verbal and written services for corporate and corporate sectors, organizations and group of individuals.
  •  To assist NGOs, government & non-government agencies and corporate houses in India and abroad for strengthening their capacities to perform better in their respective fields by providing various trainings, courses and conducting capacity building programmes.
  •  To deal with and provide ngo consultancy services for all kinds of certifications, registrations, approvals, licenses, affiliations, recognitions, permits etc. from various department, ministries, boards, councils, corporations, authorities and other government, semi-government and non-government bodies.