We help companies and investors to improve their total expected return in times of uncertainty and deteriorating performance and growth with the help of our corporate restructuring consulting services. Our professional corporate restructuring companies support you in managing work-out or turn-around processes and in allocating capital and investment — evaluating your business plans objectively. They also devise strategies to address potential covenant breaches, negotiating with stakeholders and complying with insolvency and other requirements.

We are a leader in helping organizations transform periods of financial difficulty or crisis into opportunities for rejuvenation with the help of our corporate restructuring consulting firms. Having led both large multinational organizations and mid-market companies through unique challenges, our professional corporate restructuring companies apply our in-depth experience and valuable foresight to achieve effective outcomes for our clients, their creditors, and equity holders. Whether the goal is to enhance the performance of a healthy company or guide stakeholders through complex bankruptcy reorganization, our corporate restructuring consulting team works closely with the client to quickly understand their business and most urgent issues so we can advise them on how to move ahead with confidence.