Hyderabad is a city that is always on the front page. You can get so many business opportunities available in the state which are fast-growing and at the same time struggling enough to cope up with market competition. Here we are going to discuss some business ideas that a startup can initiate with short capital.

Hyderabad is a place where there are always bunches of happiness that open every passing day with unique concepts. In this article, we are going to discuss among some of those innovative ideas.

1. Food delivery business

Investment: 15-25K

ROI: 6-10 months

Not every hotel provides a home delivery service. At the same time, customers might want to have the best food quality from renowned restaurants. With the current home delivery process, it is not possible now. This is exactly where your business starts. You get orders from a different client, send the delivery boy to those hotels and deliver the requested food to the client. You just need a team of helper boys, infrastructure, internet connection and phone line to set up the business.

2. Tank Cleaning

Investment : 1-1.5 lakhs

ROI-4 to 7 months.

Tank cleaning business might sound like a simple one or an unskilled less important business. Today there are no perfect workers who can offer safe cleaning solutions for a water tank. Your initial investment should include different types of equipment, cleaning stuff and helpers. 

3. Online advertisement

Investment: 1-3 lakhs

ROI: 1-3 years

If you have a working knowledge of PPC, online advertisement or online campaign, you can start your own digital advertising company. There are many few companies in Hyderabad in this area. Initial investment includes rental space cost, equipment, advertisement, resource or website and so on. Your business motto will help your client advertise their business in a digital platform and gaining more traffic to the website.

4. Tour Guide

Investment: 50-80K

ROI: 1-3 years

Hyderabad is considered as one of those places in India, where many travelers come to visit every year. Starting from wildlife safari to sight-seeing, tourist search for professional guides who can arrange vehicle, plan their trips and also offers exciting information about each place to them. It is a very popular service in Hyderabad. You need to control all aspects of the tour starting from booking hotels based on a preference of client to offer information about all destinations. Initial investment includes equipment as camping things, binoculars, sleeping bags and so on and some human resources too and if possible a website.

5. Pet care

Investment: 1-5 Lakhs

ROI: 1-2 years

A lot of per animal owners are looking for service where they can leave their pets while they travel. During that time, you need to take proper care about those animals, walking, feeding them and other things need to be done carefully. Apart from pet care service, you also need to offer services like grooming, de-worming, and other related things as well. The scope of this business idea related to pet service is quite in demand. You need to be careful about hygiene. The initial investment includes equipment, human resources, commercial space, caging toys and care products. If you can create a website, that would be an added advantage for your business.

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