Start up ideas

India is growing and the wave will continue as suggested by the country’s current business environment. The favorable situation has given rise to many enterprising ventures, startups, and expansions which are successful and contribute their rightful share to the growth of the economy.

Surprisingly the strong reform driven approach by the Government of India has further strengthened economic progress, and so even the small cities and towns in the country are the favorable breeding ground for the startup ventures.

No one can deny the fact that big businesses do happen in small towns.

The reason is that the small cities offer the ventures concentrated market. However, with a limited population, the challenge is to figure out business ideas which have the capacity to meet the current demand with their product or services.

Starting a venture that will be successful in the particular small town does require background research, digging deep in the local market, the influence of the specific geography of the location on the business idea. But, with so much information available around, the unique or exclusive business idea is rare.  So, the key to success is launching the concept is the unique and exclusive way that will create a niche for the venture. There are Business Consultants who offer their services to the entrepreneurs to set up the business from the seed stage.

Well, we would like to discuss popular business ideas in the small cities that have the potential to be successful and perform for the long term. Cities in India like Pondicherry, Kottayam, Trichi, Udupi and other places do have an appetite for these ventures.

·         Grocery on wheels 

·         Pet Grooming and Boarding

·         Organic Farming

·         Lawn/Gardening Services

·         Microbrewery

·         Bakeries & Ice Cream Shop

·         Fitness centers (Not just gym)

·         Handcrafts & Potteries

·         Medicine Delivery

·         Antique shops

These are just a handful from the sea of opportunities which these cities have for the ambitious entrepreneurs. Hiring the services of experienced and qualified Business Consultants will help, bring clarity, and finally streamline the process for any entrepreneur.

Even though the opportunities in these cities appear a pool of money, they need the right navigation and guidance to avoid any failure and unpleasant instances. With the right help and planning, nothing can prevent these ventures to be successful in the small cities and towns of the Indian subcontinent.