Social media in 2018 is going to bigger and better than ever before or that is what the early trends show us to be. Much of social media will remain relegated to Facebook but with a lot less fake profiles since Facebook is coming down so heavily on fake profiles after all the ruckus created post the 2016 US Presidential Elections.After the series of controversial decisions in past 2016 presidential election, social media platforms have embraced more hands-on approach to the governing conduct on their platforms.

  • Social media in 2018 might revolve around networking giants like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter changing their policies and thus the effect we might have to face from these changes will dictate how social media pans out for us in 2018.   
  • One major trend on social media platforms which is likely to dominate 2018 is the increase in number of videos you come across on these different platforms. Videos are likely to be in demand and in supply more than ever before. Facebook users which will soon be almost entirely mobile will consume more video with time where the consumption right now is around 8 billion videos each day.Videos are engaging and brands love them because they have the ability to capture attention and now you are likely to find more videos on your timeline when you scroll down on your twitter feed.
  • Social media influencers are going to be in more demand than any time before with hugely popular social media accounts having millions of fan followers gaining more influence with time and digital marketing agencies continuing their hot pursuit of them. 
  • Chatbots are likely to become omnipresent with time and trends show that the future of chatbots is bright, it is estimated that the about 85% client interactions will be managed by this super intelligent chatbots.
  • Storytelling is likely to become more prevalent on the internet and their use and implementation will become more rampant across all the major social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and now even YouTube. Instagram will become an effective tool for any small business while Stories will dominate because you do not much time to create and publish them.

  • Smart posting will dominate. More people will use friendly social media analytics to get their social result and have the opportunity to optimize posting strategy.
  • Since messaging platforms today have billions of active users and since the number is in likelihood expected to shoot up, brands are expected to take more interest in investing and branding themselves on messing services like a WhatsApp or Messenger where brands are likely to enable personalized shopping experiences soon.
  • More and more ecommerce platforms are likely to offering social media integration as a very solid way of selling products through social media. Since it is becoming more difficult than ever for brands to connect with customers across a wide range of social media platforms, lot more business designed, digital marketing schemes will be prevalent on social media and this trend has continued ever since businesses realized the potential of social media in bringing business. This trend is likely to continue well into the growth.