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  1. Agriculture - Agricultural consultants provide a host of services like Horticulture Service, Plantation Service, Agriculture and Rural Development Service, Livelihood Assessment Service and much more. Agricultural business consultants are a team of experts who aware of the customers’ preferences and ensure to provide them solutions accordingly. Agricultural consultants assist clients with business planning, planning applications, government grant applications, legislative advice and new business ventures and solve problems for their customers, to ensure their business or enterprise is running as efficiently as possible. Agricultural business consultant in Mumbai carries out administrative duties, manage budgets and accounts, update information and prepare reports. Agricultural business consultants in India also organize presentations, demonstrations, training, and farm walk for clients, colleagues, partnership organizations, professional bodies and other interested groups. Agricultural business consultants in India provide technical specialist advice on agronomy, environment, and conservation, livestock, nutrition, waste management, other technical applications.
  2. E-commerce - E-commerce consultants or business consultants for startups can help your online business store increase its online presence, reputation and revenue through a comprehensive investigation of your directed markets, opponents with comparable business models, and their marketing tactics and deliver a succinct report that will prove vital to your e-commerce business. An e-commerce consultant also knew as a business consultant for startups can bring insights, information, and that is outside of the existing skill and expertise of a small or mid-sized retail business and e-commerce consultants are in demand right from early stage start-ups to established businesses.  The role of an e-commerce consultant or business consultant for startups is to outline the course, knowledge, functionality and supportive facilities of either a new or upcoming online store in India who will guide your project from proof-of-concept to implementation, followed by deep performance tuning to ensure your continued success.
  3. Media and entertainment consultants - The explosive growth of digital content is revolutionizing the media and entertainment industry and here a media and entertainment consultant comes in handy. Media and entertainment companies are finding content creation, aggregation, and distribution—their fundamental ecosystem and morphing as new technologies come into plays that disrupt traditional business models. Here’s how media and entertainment consultants can help your business.  Identifying new sources of growth in the digital world, harnessing the power of big data and advanced analytics, optimizing their organization to succeed in a digital landscape are some of the ways a media and entertainment consultant hopes to achieve deeper customer engagement.Media and entertainment consultants work on devising fruitful strategies that could lead to the customer's direct interaction with their client's product.
  4. Food consultants – Food business consultants in India are two types mainly – retail food consultants and restaurant consultants.  Food consultants possess exceptional expertise in raw material selection, food processing, engineering, product packaging et al. Turning to consultancy after spending years in the industry ,  food consultants have intricate knowledge of the industry which makes them capable of providing well-organized food consultancy services to manufacturers, distributors, importers & exporters, wholesalers and food service establishments. Food business consultants in Delhi is to provide the best service for the food industry and guide them on the right path for bringing up their business at the top. The Food Consultant in Food Buddies is performing with their dynamic team by providing them the domain knowledge they gathered all through their lifetime in the food industry.
  5. Automotive consultants - Strategizing  Planning, Identifying trends, opportunities and competition for current products, Expanding by identifying new growth avenues and markets, Establishing and monitoring the performance of dealer networks, Assessing technology and market trends are some of the services an automotive consultant can offer you. Automotive business consultants in India help their clients achieve their full potential and raise enterprise value through profitable growth and maximum efficiency. 
  6. Pulp and Paper consultants - The pulp and paper industry comprises companies that use wood as raw material and produce pulp, paper, paperboard and other cellulose-based products. Here’s are some of the ways pulp and paper consultants can help your business.
  • Due diligence for proposed investment projects
  • Marketing strategy development including end-use market intelligence
  • Identifying new business offerings
  • Supply/demand analyses and price forecasts
  • Business analysis and competitive cost benchmarking

       7.Retail consultants – A little idea of what retail consultants do can be understood from the following bullet points.  In today’s day and age when the retail market industry is driven by economic, technological and consumer change, having a retail consultant is imperative and obvious for you. Rising consumer expectations, new ways to shop, increasing global competition and declining margins are some of the other challenges of the ever evolving real estate sector, with which some which retail consultants can help you with. Retail corporate restructuring consultants can work both for the big scale developers and builders and also for the small scale, here is a just a list on the ways how a retail consultant can help you.

  • Planning
  • Sourcing
  • Advertising
  • Budgeting
  • Finance

      8. Startup consultants - For an entrepreneur who lacks substantial experience in the field or with a young workforce, hiring a Startup Consultant is a great choice. A startup consultant or a business consultant for startups is one such professional who provides expert advice to a young entrepreneur. A business consultant for startups can help one in innovating, formulating, and executing profitable business strategies and policies that will not only help a business in the present but also bring it closer to its ultimate objective. A business consultant for startups can help you in formulating not only your business policies but HR policies as well such as compensation plans, NLP for middle and senior management, and assist you for recruitment procedures as well. They do so by duly assessing your corporate culture.

      9.Education consultants – Education consultants are there by dime a dozen in India, for obvious reasons, given how just populous this country is. Education consultants have vast experience in education counseling and also provide accurate, professional and personalized services to the students, as they desire. Education consultants cater to your requirements and offer you the guidance that is required to help you reach your dream destinations such as United States of America, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Italy and so on. Education consultants have partnerships with various prestigious universities around the globe. Education consultants are also highly trained and best in their field offering personalized and professional services for their clients.

     10.Metal and Mining consultants – With demand for metals and mining outputs largely dependent on those from other industries, it can be difficult for organizations to effectively navigate exceptional cycles to drive value creation from a restructuring or acquisition and integration process and hence a metal and mining consultant comes in handy. Metal and mining consultants are mostly collectively a term and not just one specialist individual because it is a very very extensive filed with involves meticulous research and deep understanding of the subject. Metal and mining consultants have on their payroll highly-trained professionals with backgrounds in business economics, corporate finance, materials science and engineering, geology, chemical engineering, and industrial organization.

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