Noida was formed with the very aim of making India industrially and commercially stable and rich. The aim seems to be working well in the correct direction. New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (NOIDA) has a successful story to narrate.

The city is called the greenest city of India and has beautiful roads and well architecture buildings that have earned a name in whole of India. Not to mention that Noida is the place to be when talk of startups. There are many startups that are coming up and studying these startups will help in understanding this startup culture that is so engulfing the Indian economy at the present moment.

In this article we shall see the different startup companies in Noida that are doing quite well. If you are an entrepreneur by heart and brain and want to do something of your own then you too can draw inspiration from it and see how the startups work out.

In this article I am not going to provide you with a detailed marketing analysis that is going to help you in launching into the business. I am just going to highlight the names that have successfully placed their products in the market. For that detailed analysis you must be getting in touch with startup consultants in Noida. My job here is to give you the start to get into your own research work and go ahead with the dreams you are have been holding on too tight.


Let me brief on the successful startups in Noida here:

MobiQuest Mobile Technologies


This company was founded in the year 2008. The main area that this company is catering to is advertising and data analytics. These two field have become very important and are key to successful placing of your market in the market, available to the consumers. With its successful strategy and implementation of business model the company is catering to the need of about 100 brands and helping them be visible to the consumers.

Travel Traingle

Travel traingle is a website ( that helps people in getting holiday package. The travelers are able to choose from a variety of package that are available in customized form. The consumers can get their own kind of package and take the things that are needed and leave out the unwanted.  This company has expanded well and also got into the US market.


Having a 10 million views monthly that is spared globally, this startup has made every kind of narrative, present online. You can get here real life stories as well get some fictional work that is going to captivate you.


Floost has rightly exploited the power of content and ‘Content is King’ is the moto that they are working with. In this era of digitization we are able to access any kind of content on the internet and the power of brand to a lot of extent is very much content that the brand is using in promoting the products online. It is a great platform for all the people who love be in close contact with knowledge.

Startup consultants in Noida are going to play a great role in making you seek the way to a successful entrepreneurial career. You can start off on your own but it is suggested that the market and the level of competition is judged well before getting into risk taking actions.