Jharkhaand is the city of mines and industries. But, it also has other business opportunities. In Jharkhand, it is Jamshedpur that is the well known industrial sector of India. Jamshedpur has many power plans and this has given rise to business opportunities here. But let us see the business ideas that can be used not just in here but can be applied anywhere in Jharkhand.

 If you have limited money capital and want to try your entrepreneurs skill then here are few of the ideas that may help you:


Dressmaking is an art which one perfects with practice over a period of time. Once you have the skill and can easily stitch clothes then this business is going to get you good money on part time basis that too from home. With increasing profit you can also take up a small place and take orders as a dressmaking center? The good thing here is that you can also be a trainer and have several students who would learn from you the skill of dressmaking.


Related to the textile industry, this product has become vital to every Indian: urban, sub urban or metropolitan. All wear jeans. The demand of jeans does not go low. Although, one could admit that the competition is quite high as there are many high end and mediocre brand playing in the market.

Animal Rearing

The government of Jharkhand has been promoting animal l rearing in Jharkhand. This is a vast field and one could pick a small sector within it. It could be meat supply or dairy products. Apart from this the government is also laying positive stress on fish farming. One needs to have detailed knowledge of animal farming to enter into this field. It requires daily monitoring and care. Sometime the market may become uncertain because of excess demand or low demand or over production or low production.


Fruits and Vegetables Export Business

Fruits and vegetable are grown in good number in India. Being an agricultural economy, India is producer of a variety of fruits and vegetables and a lot of it is being sent to foreign nations. In order to be an exporter you need to start from a local market and gain idea of the ups and downs. Experience in this field is the most important thing.


The number of hotels in Jharkhand is not very high and this industry offers a good opportunity. There are not a very high number of new firms entering the market. In Jharkhand the hotel business could do well in Ranchi and in Jamshedpur.

Match stick making

Match sticks are basic necessity of life and is needed in every household and hotels. Even after lighters and other forms of inducers, there has been no decline of matchsticks. Although decades ago the demand of match sticks was quite than what we see now. Be that as it may, we cannot deny the fact that matchsticks are still essentials to Indians.

You can get in touch with business consultants in Jharkhand to have a through idea of this line. This line of business will also generate employment to the rural folk. With matchstick making one could also try their hands in agrabatti making In India the agarbattis are used in rituals and household. The demand has not experienced much of fluctuations in decades.