business consultant

A business consultant is a professional within the consulting industry who gives professional advice or services to companies for a fee.  A good management consultant will help solve problems by providing a series of options and detailing the pros and cons of each. A business consultant provides information, analyses and thought leadership to support high level decision making about the overall direction of an organization. In the private sector, this applies to issues pertaining to a company’s achieving higher profits and share price and beating the competition. In the public and institutional sectors, this applies to issues pertaining to achieving the mission, goals and objectives of an organization in the most efficient and effective way.

In order to be highly effective in this role, a business consultant should be able to do and deliver on the following.

1. Capacity to strike a relationship with the customer

2. Relationship building, solution find and problem solving skill

3. Projecting an image that matches the company’s image

4. Business etiquette and social etiquette

5. Being knowledgeable


While there are business consultants dime a dozen in the consulting industry, new consultants coming on the surface every single day. So here are the following basic attributes that a consultant can improve upon so that he gets better as a business consultant which can also serve as pointers for the clients to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to business consultants who appear to be on the evenly placed.


1. Listening

 The consultant first and foremost has to interact with the individuals or a group of individuals representing the customer. This interaction will result in the consultant understanding the nuances of the customer’s business. Having fantastic listening skills will urge all your prospective economic buyers to talk candidly. A consultant will have to deal with all sorts of customers during the span of his career, right from the verbose to the reticent. The consultant must have the ability to listen patiently to the clients queries so that there is seamless flow of ideas and which, in the end, can make the consulting process more streamlined. The consultant must have the ability to ask relevant and open-ended questions which allows the client to realize you are listening to them and understand their current situation.


It is imperative upon consultants to have excellent oral and written communication skills. Since consultants, being small cogs in the larger wheel of the great corporate culture are often viewed as the subject matter expert (SME), so they should be able to communicate their opinions effectively. In addition to mother tongue, universal language, it becomes imperative for the consultant to be multi-lingual. 

The consultant’s role is to give the persons involved, guidance on business strategy, or new ways of doing the same tasks; which leads to some improvement in either one or more business parameters for the company.

3.Team Player

 No matter howsoever excellent an individual becomes, he must be a team player. He must know how to work along in groups and how to make a group work along with him. The consultant should be competent in building a collaborative relationship with peers and clients which is imperative to become a great consultant.  


Just like content, confidence is king. For you to be confident you should know your product or service in and out and have specialized knowledge beyond doubt in your field of expertise. Confidence gone a little far is boastful , but confidence in the right doses never hurts and one can even get away with being a little boastful or appearing arrogant. When meeting with clients, be sure to not show or sound uncertain in the responses to their questions, speak with utmost authority and never fumble or be hesitant. First impression goes a long way and you should be at your confident best while dealing with your prospective economic buyers or old existing customers. Specifically, when discussing client sensitive matters, present yourself as confidently as possible and avoid sounding unclear or unsure in your response.

5. Attitude

Here the consultant must always appear like he is winning. An image which is professional, appropriate, authentic, genuine and likeable. The consultant needs to come across as a person who is polished, polite, confident and assertive at the same time and needs to project a certain authority as it is an important quality for a consultant to be successful in his job.

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