Hyderabad Startups

Hyderabad is the city of Nizam and now it has also become a city where new companies are coming up. With this we have tried to come up with some of the examples of successful startups that can be an inspiration to our young entrepreneurs:


Through Ray8 the entrepreneurs have tried to help the problem of blindness in countries that are under-developed. Preventive blindness is the main area of action for Rayd8. The team is dedicated to educate people with eye issues and also create good quality retinal images that will help in better eye testing. It specializes in smart phone based retinal eye testing images.


Docturnal has launched an app called TimBre to deal with the disease of TG which, in India, after many measures, is still a leading cause of death. This is recurrent in remote and rural areas Even in cities people are unable to identify TB soon enough. The treatment gets delayed and issue becomes deep rooted.

Through the use of TimBre one will be coughing in a microphone that is again connected to the app. There is a panel of health care experts that help in identifying the cough and showing results based on the recorded cough.


Fabulyst acts as a virtual trial room for people. It is AI based app that can be termed as virtual trail room. It takes your details like body size, styling preferences and so on. With the acquired data it provides recommendation to the users. At present this brand is expanding its business through Flipkart.


MerkleTree Labs

MerkleTree Labs is based on Block chain technology and is a guiding body to many of the companies that want a block chain developed for them. The brand is making use of tokenization that has helped in making the sensitive data secure.


MyAlly is a revolutionary approach to candidates’ selection and the whole idea of recruitment by companies. With MyAlly there can be employee management and employee evaluation for the suited post. This is made possible through successful application of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.


This is a question and answer platform that uses AI to make the questions and answers work. It is a platform especially built for the students and to help them in the homework. Teacher’s executive assistant (Téa) is the software through which the students get the answers they are seeking.

ML and NLP along with the expertise available are being used to get the job done.  AI is being build that learns from the feedback that it is getting and consequently helps in getting the homework done.


An interesting name for the Marvel fans, this is not a super villain but a hero device for the agricultural sector of India. Making the best use of drone technology, this company is making automated robotic drones that are used for spraying pesticides on the farmlands from top.

It is much faster than manually spreading the pesticides.  It can spray pesticides in an acre of land within a short period of 15 minutes which is commendable.

Business consultants in Hyderabad and incubators have been set which has led to the recent prosperous development in Hyderabad. With the help of business consultants in Hyderabad new entrepreneurs can enter the industry and test its fate in the healthy competition that is growing.