Nagpur is tier 2 city and recently it has been developing a great deal. Business consultants in Nagpur have got several great ideas. There are some reasons that have led Nagpur to develop commercially.  Let us see what they are:


As the city is well connected with rail, roads and airways, it has developed into a logistic center and this has given a lot of location advantage to the city. Location plays an important role in determining the success of a place. Nagpur has got a favorable geographical location which also offers it good climate.


Politically Nagpur has become a power invested city and with support of the ministers here it has started to receive commercial and industrial advantage too. It is important that the political leaders of a place work, to develop a city. People usually fail to highlight the importance politics have in developing commerce and industries.

Big Projects

There are many big projects that have started to come in Nagpur and the most important one here is MIHAN (Multi-modal International Cargo Hub and Airport at Nagpur). There is another major projected started by Patanjali which is said to be food park project. With the big projects taking place in Nagpur, there are many small scale companies that have started to thrive.  For small startups idea one can go for business consultants in Nagpur.


Nagpur has become a center for education and many colleges and universities have been set up that has led to growth of many ancillary industries.


Lower Cost

One of the reasons for the projects starting here is that Nagpur has a very low cost of operation. Due to low cost of operation there is lower cost of production which has entrepreneurs.

A developing Smart City

As much care is given to Nagpur ,now, to develop it and make it commercially important, the city is all set to become smart city with IT firms bringing in all the smart concepts.

Cultural amalgamation

Nagpur is now home to people from many cities and the overall outlook of the people of Nagpur has been changing and there is high rate of cosmopolitan tendencies seen here. This has made business to function in a better way as the quality of consumers have become a mixed one thus different products getting the right market.

Lemon School of Entrepreneurship

There is presence of Lemon School of Entrepreneurship in Nagpur and this institution has helped in preparing the youth of Nagpur in entrepreneurship. It also acts as business consultants in Nagpur and has advised many start ups in successfully catching up with the market.

Rising GDP

Out of 28 states in India, the ranking of Nagpur is 13 in the list of cities with highest GDP. This is a good sign and it has made many investors to settle here and entrepreneurs are gaining a strong foothold here.

Clusters of Industries

Butibori and MIDC are two major industrial clusters that are located in Nagpur. They have led to many new openings in Nagpur. Apart from these two major centers there are about 22,000 MSMEs that have developed around the city of Nagpur.

The city of Nagpur is all ripe for the start ups and new business ideas. Apart from the reasons that have been mentioned above, there could be many more. If you think of business just come to Nagpur and get going. Tier 2 cities, if given enough opportunities, will definitely develop into cities at par with all the metropolitan cities. There must be encouragement provided by government in terms of subsidies and contracts.