J&K (Jammu and Kashmir) is the northernmost State of India offer unlimited venture ideas to the potential investors, as the State has the enormous resource of Water, Agro, Forests, Herbal and Minerals along with its unparallel natural beauty and vast potential for interest in the travel industry part. Jammu and Kashmir, for the most part, has to produce businesses, small business ventures, cottage industries and so forth. There are businesses in practically all parts of Jammu and Kashmir yet a few regions have been known as a significant industrial belt for Business Consultants in Jammu.

The Jammu and Kashmir State is intensely dependant on its travel industry. The government also know about reality and they are trying to assemble a modern atmosphere in the state. They have welcomed leading business houses of the nation. Though, the state isn't in a decent condition as it has confronted serious terrorists’ dangers, threats, and rebellions. The general population of the state needs occupations and since the business procedure is time taking, just Small Scale Industries of Jammu and Kashmir can help.

Probably the most vital businesses of Jammu and Kashmir are Silk Textile, Carpet-Making, and Woolen Textile, Forest-based Industries, Agro-based Industries, Papier Mache, Cement Industry, Industrial Complexes. Silk material is considered as the most ancient enterprises of Jammu and Kashmir state. Kashmiri silk-products are prestigious the world over for their quality, col­our, and hues.

Kashmir is known as the paradise on earth offers massive chances to their local youth who seek to become a business entrepreneur.

Jammu and Kashmir, known for its magnificence have brought a swoop into the Startup world. There are numerous new businesses that are coming up and demonstrating their valor, in spite of knowing the horrible business conditions in the state. Kashmir is well known for its food items, tea and flavors, dry vegetables and fruits, crafted works and so forth.

Some bright business opportunities for Business Consultants in Jammu and Kashmir:

Agribusiness and Horticulture

Paddy, wheat, and maize are the main harvests of Jammu and Kashmir. Grain, bajra, and jowar are developed in few sections. Gram is developed in Ladakh. The cultivation business in Kashmir has turned into the safeguard of the rural economy in the State, giving occupation facilities to many individuals in a different way. The main agriculture things are apple, pear, cherry, walnut, almond, peaches, saffron, apricot, strawberry and plum. Around 80 percent populace of the State relies upon farming.


Handicraft is the conventional business of the State and has been of essential significance given its large employment and fare potential. Some important items of industry are papier-mache, woodcarving, floor coverings, shawl making, weaving and so on. The crafted works industry, especially the rug business, has been a wellspring of considerable outside trade. It gives work to about 3.40 lakh craftsmen. The quantity of industrial units has also boosted up. Jammu has Urban Haats, while a similar Haat is being started in Srinagar.

The travel industry

Jammu and Kashmir are known as crown of India, adheres differently of cultural and religious spots, adventurous and touring activities. It is well known for its transcending snow clad mountains, flowing streams, shining lakes, colorful orchards, flower meadows, and uncommon fauna. Every such component of Jammu and Kashmir have always attracted various natures lovers and travelers from everywhere throughout the world. The travel industry has emerged as a significant and one of the major contributors to the State's economy.