Goa is a well known destination for holiday and people from all over the country come here to spend vacation. It is interesting to note that apart from the tourism industry, there is ample growth seen in the business sector in Goa as well. This has also led to business consultant in Goa growing in number. Here are a few examples that will help you set up a profitable business in Goa:

Brewery or a Brewpub

One of the best things to have in Goa is to set up a brewery. People here love to have beer as Goa has established its name in craft beer and wines. Though there is going to be a lot of competition as there are already many brewpubs, having a differentiated kind of idea will help in drawing more customers. A good way of it would be setting it up near the hot area or any hotel. If you have knowledge in beer craft, then this is right kind of business option for you. Before you begin, make sure there is adequate research done, so that you are aware of your competitors and the general profit margin in such business as well as the taxes.

This is when business consultants in Goa can play a major role. Consultants will help you in making a business plan. They can study the market for you and help take important steps. Market research can also be done by them. Consultants can be hired for a particular issue or for the entire strategic planning.

Having a beer pub is not easy and there are certain formalities that need to be fulfilled before you can carry out the business.

Legal formalities are the most important step in setting up a brewpub as the business in alcohol needs a license to be acquired. The legal formalities go long. To name some trade license, commercial connection of electricity, NOC from state pollution authority, water quality certificate and so on and so forth.

In the second place, a good place is needed. Setting up a brewpub in a place where the traffic of people is very low, may not get you the best for business. Try to get a place that is accessible and has direct transport route. Do not forget to feed it in Google Map.

Once a place is selected, other things that needs to be taken care of are, flooring and furnishing. Employees are another important area to be worked out. Here you can contact suitable HR consultant firm.

Quality is something that is going to make the visitors come again. So make sure that the quality of food and beer and other drinks are maintained. Prices could be sorted out after a thorough market research and adequate knowledge of the purchasing power of people in Goa. These details can be taken from business consultants in Goa.

After every formality and furnishing is done, it is time for you get into some advertising so that people come to know about the brand. Social media is great platform to promote business. Decide on an attractive logo and a name and create Face book and instagram profiles so that it has social media presence. Different kinds of tie ups with food delivery apps will help in better publicity.

After the brand gets wider publicity, it is important that the quality of beer is maintained as well as that of food. When the quality is persistent, it helps in making good customers as the reviews get better. Besides, the locals will be visiting quite often.