Pune, a famous city in the state of Maharashtra, has become one of the pioneers in small and medium sized business startups.  Latest statistic shows that Pune has advanced in the business scenario by leaps and bounds, successfully enlisting itself in the top ten cities to start a business in India.

There are several advantages that are attached to the city of Pune that has led to its growth:

·         Firstly, Pune has abundance of skilled laborers. The labor supply here is of quality and is suited         to the tech based international and multinational startups.

·         Raw materials are easily available here.

·         There is a developed network of transport.

·         Pune has a better living standard than most of the cities in India. It ranks second according to ‘Mercer 2017 Quality of                  Living Rankings’.

·         It has good population which solves the problem of skilled laborers availability and creates a populous market.


After knowing the advantages you must be in need of some lucrative ideas to start off as a business owner in PuneHere are some:

Business consultants

This is the best kind of organization at present. Requiring immense expertise and market knowledge, this can get you huge profit and a strong client base. Business consultantsin Pune will do well as Pune is home to many companies, international and native. The companies need advice on a lot of matter. For these, they sometime seek help of outside agencies as they cannot afford to spend time on it. You could establish yourself as the service providing body here.

Website and App Developing

Website is needed by all the companies functioning at present. If they want to be known, it is important to have an online portal. Since it is a onetime thing, the companies do not have their in house team to get it done. You could set up a small startup by hiring one or two website and app developers and develop contacts to get orders from different companies. Depending on the detailing one website can be sold at 5k to 15k.

 All businesses, big or small are in need of applications (app) to connect to their consumers. Apps are in great demand.

Here two most important things to deal with are acquiring skill and qualified developers and contacting companies to take the orders.

Recruitment firm

Pune is home to many big companies. A lot of big names have the main office here. These companies need skilled qualified talented employees who can help them achieve their mission and vision.

Most of the time, the big companies try to hire a recruiting agency that can help them in acquiring the best of talents. Here as a third party you need to act as a bridge between the employees who are looking for job or job change and contact the companies on the other hand.

Here you also need to rope in some fresh university and college graduates and place them in a well paid job. Both the parties will be benefited from the service that you are going to provide, as a third party. Most of the time, it is the companies who are charged for getting employees and not the other way round.  

The employees are not very tough to get in Pune as there are many engineering and management colleges. The students look for bright opportunities after completing education. If you are looking for more in depth market report then contact business consultants in Pune.