Kozhikode, Kannur, Thiruvananthapuram or any other place in Kerala can get you good small scale business. Kerala with its healthy environment and booming literacy rate has become one of the preferred centers for small scale business. The thing that you need to get right is the business idea. There could be many ideas at random but you need to choose the one which can grow and prosper given the market in Kerala.

Out of all places the above mentioned Kozhikode, Kannur, Thiruvananthapuram are the most suited ones. If you are confused about a suited business then look at the options below. These options have been carefully picked up, keeping Kerala as the market:

Tourism in Ayurveda

Kerala has tourist from all over the world that come to experience ayurveda tourism. Kerala is the first in world that started the concept of ayurveda tourism.  Indian culture and its medicinal and ayurvedic oils have healing power that has attracted tourist from West and North and South America as well as Asia to visit Kerala and have a well meditated vacation.

Hookah Lounge

Since Kerala has foreign tourist coming in, they really like to visit Indian Hookah lounge. You can set up a Hookah lounge with Indian cultural theme. It is going to add charm for the tourist. Location will play an important role here. Try to get a place in tourist visited areas. You may search up such areas in Kozhikode, Kannur, Thiruvananthapuram through internet.


This is a profitable business as people love to hang around the weekends with a bit of liquor. In Kerala it is not whiskey but rum and brandy which record the highest sale unlike most part of India. You can set up a small brewery firm and invite people for the tasting.


Tour Guide Agency/Travel Agency

As a tour guide you can earn a good business by showing the foreigner around the state or city. One can also start with a city guide and later on you may develop to be a state guide. Establishing a company that has expertise in state tourism will require hotel contacts and a higher operating cost.

HR Services

You can set yourself up as firm that has expertise in getting the best of employees to different companies that require employees. This does not have much investment. You can get yourself available on net through a website. Once the website is marketed well; there will be companies contacting you to get employees.

Spa Services

Taking a certificate training and providing home spa services is a great way to start. It will involve low cost and only prices of products will have to be paid. As you build more customers and your contacts grow, you can have a spa center. This will help in having loyal client base that you have created through personal sessions.

Tea Packaging

As it is a known fact that tea is one of the highest produced crops in Kerala, one can engage into tea packaging. Tea can also be made into small packets that could be sold to foreign tourist who love to carry gifts back to their countries.

Coconut based Delicacies

Coconut is the fruit of Kerala and literary everything has coconut in it. Locals are in love with coconut as well the tourist like to taste a few of coconut based dishes. If you have interest in having food joints or restaurants then you can set up a unit where you offer dishes with coconut as the main ingredient in it.

Apart from these there could be numerous other business ideas in Kerala. These are the probable successful ideas.