business consultants

The question can be addressed from different perspective and, not to mention, the answers will change when the perspective is changed. A lot of it will depend on what you are, whether you are consultant yourself or client or neither.

The best way to decide whether it’s easy or not your cup of tea is to find out what exactly consulting job will include.

Here, in short, we have tried to show lifestyle of business consultants. No we do not mean which car a consultant uses but how the consultant deals with job and maintains work life balance and what exactly is the work that is done by the consultants?

Travelling- adventurous or may be not!

Yes as a consultant you will get a lot of chance to travel. Yes it is fun as you get to go many places but these trips are not holidays and you will be working throughout your trip. If the trip is during the weekend then it is highly likely that you will not get your weekend to enjoy as you do always. Possibility is that you would be flipping report file and researching on laptop.

Travelling means you are leaving your family behind almost every week or month. If you happen to be travelling once in two or three months then, I can say, it is going be thrilling for you. So you see it all depends on the pattern of working you have developed and how large or wide is your client base.

There could be less travelling or more travelling. Anyway you will have to make sure that as business consultants you will be visiting clients.

Flexibility is the key

The job requires you to be flexible, not just physically but mentally too. During your working week it is not possible to work according to your own time, you free time or break is what the clients decide. Of course you are no slave. But when you are hired you have to keep in mind a great deal of flexibility. There are many things to be worked up on when you are dealing with clients. Sometimes the clients are not even sorted with their question and queries. It is you who has to figure out the issue they are stuck with. It is a lot of work and a dormant thinker is not fit for this job.

Can you build client relationship?

An important part of the job description is that you will be requiring building a strong client relationship that has to grow over time. The services provided is not enough. What makes you a good consultant is client follow-up. Cultivating the relations is going to get you more clients and this business is hugely dependent on referrals.

How different are you?

If you are looking to set yourself up as a consultant then this is the most important thing in your sale. So, what is your USP? How different are you from your competitors. You cannot start performing cabaret for the clients that come to you. It has to be something fitting within the corpus of business consulting. Research well and set your identity apart from others. Detect the difference in sameness.

So these are some of the life pattern that a consultant has. It is you who has to decide whether or not you can be good consultants. Let me tell you, deciding to be a consultant is not a merry decision. It requires rigorous pursuing of bachelors and masters degree in business administration, industry experience, insight, researching capability and a confident speaker.