Nashik, Mumbai, Nagpur, Amravati, Aurangabad and other places in Maharashtra have been growing in terms of industries and Maharashtra continues to contribute effectively to the total industrial output of India. At present a total of 13% is contributed to the total output.

Keeping Nashik, Mumbai, Nagpur and other places in mind we have picked up some of the opportunities that could be utilized if you are hoping to set foot in Maharashtra:



This is a major industry in Maharashtra. A total of 33% is being contributed from this industry and this could be a good option for starting off as the yield is good. Nasik and Nagpur are the major centers for such productions. As there is no dearth of skilled laborers in the state, these industries have grown up.


In agriculture, Maharashtra is leading producer of agricultural products. Maharashtra is endowed with suitable climates which has made production of varied kinds of crops possible. The agriculture is large sector. The specific sector that can be lucrative is food and agro sector. Importing of agro products is another specific field.


10.4% of the total textile and apparel production comes from Maharashtra. Nashik, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Sangli, Satara, Sholapur and also Thane are the major producing areas. These and other places combined have done many projects (nearly 122) and all projects amount to a total of USD 224 Million.

Information Technology

Information technology is needed for the growth and development of many other industries. With growing industrial base in Maharashtra there is a high need of IT services in the state.

Biotechnology Industry

Research work is highly promoted in Maharashtra and with trained group of human resources the state has gone to establish a strong hold in the field of bio technology.


Light emitting diode which is commonly known as LED are known for efficiency and due to its lower consumption and absorption of heat, the device is used in many works. It is highly recommended for local areas. It has longer life and does not come at a higher price. Due to these reasons the industry has been evolving and this could be a lucrative project field.

Banana Leaf cups and plates

This may sound to be low profit giving, but what is missed out by most of the people is that the cost of production is also very low. This field is a good opportunity of making money and starting an industrial project as the need of banana leaf cups and plates are quite high. They are disposable and are bio-degradable waste.

Steel Unit

It is a known fact that steel is needed for a good many reasons in a variety of industries.  Steel industry is a profitable one and one thing that has led to growth of this industry is that it is a major input in infrastructural development and much other constructional work.

Coal Washing Unit

Through coal washing the coal are upgraded and a better quality cola is obtained which is which has considerably low ash content. Coal is a major industrial input. A coal washing project is good industrial project option in Maharashtra.

Disposable Paper Plates and Cups

Parties and different types of events require food and having ceramic plates and glass cups are not feasible. Due to its high demand there has been a commendable growth in this industry and the demand for its products has ever been increasing.

Turmeric and its product

Though this comes under the category of food and agriculture, turmeric needs to be discussed separately as apart from good it has been used in the medical industry and cosmetic industry as well.