Gurgaon has emerged as the business hub, with Hyderabad and Bangalore too, making valuable contribution. Many of the young entrepreneurs dream to have a start up in Gurgaon as the demands of things are high. The settlement is that of youth who are willing to purchase. Life in Gurgaon is relatively faster than those cities where life is still moving on a traditional pattern. While traditional and latest both have their own pros and cons, let us just concentrate on the business opportunities that are there in Gurgaon:


With people from different parts of India trying to settle in and around Gurgaon, looking for startups and jobs, restaurants will not go out of business. To have restaurants you need expertise, or may be, the basic knowledge of the food and beverage industry. A lot of restaurants, as in food and beverage outlet, will depend on market research and current level of competition. Food and beverage industry do not have a low saturation mark and this is the reason why there is immense new entry of firms in this industry.  For a detailed guidance on food and beverage industry in Gurgaon you can go for business consultants in Gurgaon.

Tattoo Studio

Delhi and its extension Gurgaon have a metro city life and a lot of its influence is also seen in fashion. Tattoo has emerged one of a significant fashion statements and people love to have one or a few on them. Tattooing needs effective training and creativity. With prolonged practice it gets perfect. Before you set up you own tattoo studio make sure you are well versed with it as an art.


We are well aware how Indians parents fret about good results. Setting up tuition center will help in getting a good profit. You can be innovative with it. For example, introducing Smart classes, extra classes for spoken English, movie screening and so on and so forth.

Fitness Center

With fast life and higher dependency on fast food, there is a need for fitness center.  It is not a very low capital intensive project. One needs a minimum of 10 lakhs in order to set up a fitness center. Fitness center can have various themes. You can go for a cardio center or aerobics. It could also be lifestyle instruction or yoga. The choice is yours to make.


With an investment of 15-20L and an area of about 2000 (ft2) you can take a franchise of reputed preschools and get one started for yourself. Parents are now conscious of good education for their children and it is preschool from where they start. This is a profitable option in Gurgaon.


While most of the people believe that blogging is all about sitting home and writing away to glory, there is a lot that has changed with regard to blogging. Now, the bloggers are getting out of the homes and exploring their subject and letting you know a well-researched stuff that is nowhere to be found. Many bloggers have taken the angle of exploring city life, city food while some are into fashion and travel. A lot in subject specific matters. The blogging industry has received a great uplift in the recent times. Ad posting has become an important source of income to bloggers.

Fashion Store

As you must be aware of the fact that Gurgaon and Delhi boys and girls are conscious of fashion and they just don’t put on anything they want to. If you too believe in making statements through clothes and accessories then just get one store, theme it properly and get in vogue.

For an in-depth knowledge of avenues in Gurgaon check with the business consultants in Gurgaon.