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Life after retirement bothers us all, each and every one of us. The ones in their mid-thirties or the ones facing a quasi-life crisis think about it more than one in his early twenties beginning his career as blue collar employee, but it bothers us all unequivocally. What to do after retirement and how to make the best of our time after retirement is a question which a lot of us are faced with, while some take to green pastures in life after years of ruthless competition in the corporate world, some veterans like to continue working side-by-side using the experience and expertise gained after years of experience in the corporate world as a business consultants in India after retirement. 

A business consultant after retirement is a fine choice and even if you are in your early sixties, your experience will come in handy because of the sheer years spent watching it all happen, your word as an industry insider will have some respect rather than some Joe who works for a business consulting service who has scripted his strategy for the client on the basis of sample sizes and estimates that the algorithms on his laptop threw up.  The vast majority of senior professionals are not on keen on retiring as years and years of corporate life have sucked them deep and they can’t and don’t want to let go. 

They can’t imagine a life for themselves away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis and the excitement and sheer thrill of working in a high profile corporate job, the stakes on the line, the risks involved, the rewards if any, it’s difficult calling it quits on such an action packed life when you have been in the thick of things for decades and not just years. 

That’s why to keep themselves in the thick of things, without the vitality of youth and without the want of sacrificing on the green pastures of life in its totality, some professionals are lured by the promise of flexible hours, higher rates, and location independence, are intrigued by the idea of becoming a business consultant, when becomes imperative upon them to call it quits on their official professional career. 

Or coach when they retire from their “official” career. Of course, competition for these plum positions is growing. A 2016 study estimated that there are more than 53,300 professional coaches worldwide, and the British paper The Independent pegged the number of management consultants at 500,000.

The crowd of business consultants after retirement is going up and this can be gauged from the sheer numbers available. Around54% of business consultants are age 50 and further, a 2016 study estimated that there are more than 53,300 professional business consultants worldwide and the British paper 

The Independent pegged the number of m business consultants at 500,000. To keep yourself relevant and competitive in this highly competitive sample size of professionals who have taken to business consulting services after retirement, you will need to take care of a few things, if you are have set your sights on a second innings of being a top-notch business consultants, after years of doing a white collar job in a corporate environment. Here are four things to keep in mind if you’d like to become a business consultant or coach after you retire.

Plan and Prepare.Any career change is disruptive to a certain extent for you, for your family and especially for the company you have worked most of your life for, especially becoming a business consultant is very exhausting and demanding, hence prior planning is required. The more time you give yourself to plan and prepare, the better off you’ll be, and the plan to become a business consultant after you retire must be set in motion way before you retire so that you can prepare well for the disruptive lifestyle. 

You should prepare yourself for the life after retirement, accumulating enough resources so that you don’t have to struggle after you retire, it needs to be a well thought of process and it needs to be done meticulously by you for you, for yourself and the ones dependent on you, for to begin your career as a business consultant in India. Planning years in advance will also give you a certain extent of leverage which will help you in beginning your business consulting service better than your competitors who have also set their sights on a life of a business consultant in India after retirement.  

Scrutinize your skills. Over the years, after years of being in the thick of things and having seen most of it all, you’ve probably become an expert in your field. But becoming an independent coach or management consultant is a different ball game and requires a suite of entrepreneurial abilities on top of your subject matter knowledge. If you’ve given yourself a planning mechanism, you can start working on the skills you like public speaking, closing deals, social media et al, all of which will come in handy in your second innings of a business consultant in India.

Market yourself. Depending You need to begin marketing yourself well in advance so that you have adequate contacts when you begin your second innings as a business consultant in India. A number of contacts can be reasonable, which you can always work upon later during the course of running of your business consulting service to have for yourself a considerably adequate client list.  But if you want or need to expand beyond that, make sure you’re focused on the right things.  

You need to bolster your marketing by establishing a baseline of credibility for when a potential client for your business consulting services checks you out with emphasis on creating a website with testimonials and a robust social media so that there’s a reasonable amount of information about your business online. 

Take it easy, Take a break.Starting a coaching or business consulting services business after retirement can be consuming, both emotionally, resourcefully and physically, hence it is advised to go about the scheme of things in an easy way, hence start low, because remember, slow and steady wins the race. When you’re not working, you can spend that time preparing in a low-key way, such as building your skills and lining up future clients for your work to begin as a business consultant in India

Focus on getting the important things right in the order which is right. This can be done by understanding what skills you can bring to your clients as a business consultant in India, leveraging your network to find them, and then marketing just enough as a management consultant to attract the right amount of new clients.

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