Business Consultants

To survive in the industry you will need to pay the bills and for that you will need to be smart so that to get the best you can for your services provided but at the same time not end up charging the businesses to such an extent that they feel ripped off and the bad word of mouth by a big business adversely impacts your standing in a highly contact driven professional industry.

You need to smart while charging for clients, look for real value clients, give them enough incentives for sticking with you and even allow them the option to pay periodically since many might not be in a position to pay the entire thing upfront or maybe apprehensive paying a new business consultant like you the same all in one go.


One of the most effective ways for business consultants old and small is to charge their clients, big or small, retainers or new on an hourly basis. The fees on an hourly basis are mainly calculated based on the number of hours expected to be spent by business consultants on completing the project contracted by the client.

To narrow down on an appropriate hourly rate for the completion of the project undertaken by you, you need to use your own good judgment and also study industry patterns to see what organizations or individuals, veterans or the ones new on the block are charging their customers.

That will serve as a very good guiding principle to move things forward as it will give more than a glimmer as to what price charged by you what might be reasonable for your client which will duly compensate you for your time and efforts along with giving the impression to the client that they are getting value for the price being paid by them.

Experienced business consultants earn more than the new coming clients and the ones who have not been around for a long time, because of the sheer goodwill and reputation they enjoy in the industry built over years after putting meticulous research and hard work in scripting success stories for startups as business consultants or turning around fortunes of a trouble business enterprise as business consultants or small business consulting firms.

You can even go on to the extent of charging exorbitant fees as a business consultant for startups or business consultant for the top businesses, there are no norms set for the minimum or the maximum and it purely depends on the value the customer thinks you will be able to provide as business consultant and hence if the value exceeds everything, you will have a lot of top business availing your services, even if you charge way more than the normal business consultants or small business consulting firms in the industry.


After hourly fees, the most viable option is to opt for project rates. A fixed amount or fee becomes due whenever a business consultant for startups or a small business consulting firm is contracted upon for a particular project.

It solely depends on industry norms and it has been the accepted in the profession and industry of business consultants for quite some time now. It works on a work for hire basis, and a fixed fee is normally paid to a business consultant for startups, strategy consultants, small business consulting firms for a predetermine period of time excluding other costs that might accrue or the ones to be demanded by the small business consulting firm, strategy consultant or business consultant for startups alike depending on the nature of the work and the contract which is set in writing before any work begins.

It gives the business consultant for startups ample space and security in case of unexpected contingencies to be compensated for his efforts, time and energy if ever in the worst case scenario the project is about to get shelved because of an apprehensive client. Thus, business consultant for startups, small business consulting firms and strategy consultants make it a point to charge and receive the project fee before any principal work begins on the project, just to be sure in case of unexpected contingencies.

The consultancy business is rife with stories of clients leaving mid away a project with unpaid fees and business consultant for startups and small business consulting firms alike taking ample precaution, to make sure they don't end up being one of the business consultants who have been taken on for a ride some time or the other in their careers as business consultants.


Given the symbiotic relationship that some clients start developing with business consultants, business consultants for startups and small business consulting firms alike it is only but natural for some of the business consultants to formally come board on some business as retainers and almost employees of the business.

Such a business works wonders for both parties involved, as if due mutual respect and mutual benefits arising out of a contract is recognized and appreciated by both parties, it can lay the stepping stone for a very long and durable corporate business working relationship. The business consultants are entailed to a monthly fee for being able for his client for some predetermined time in a month or certain days or the arrangement can be on a weekly or even a daily basis, even though the role of the business consultant or the business consultant for startups or strategy consultant or small business consulting firms is never of a full time employee basis.

This kind of arrangement works favorably in case of computer consultants and providers of online services or with businesses running most of their business operations online. Working and getting paid by this method certainly has its advantages and it can considerably help a small business consulting firm or business consultant for startups new on the scene, who are trying to make their presence felt in the industry and need all the work they can get, to survive and flourish later.

You're guaranteed income each month, which helps with cash flow when you're starting out in your consulting business, hence a lot of business consultant for startups and small business consulting firms usually opt for this option which allows for money to come in monthly for an agreed amount of their time and commitment while other time can spent looking for other clients and expanding business simultaneously without worrying too much for paying the bills because one source of steady monthly cash flow has been established.


It never hurts to ask and mainly because as the saying goes IF YOU DON'T ASK YOU WILL NEVER GET IT. And it couldn't be truer for the consulting business. Since business consultant for startups or small business consulting firms alike given the nature and profile of their work bring to the costumers a lot of benefits, it doesn't hurt to ask for your take, in case of exemplary windfall or other intangible benefits for the business owners because of your conscious and concerted efforts.

You should not be hesitant for asking what you deserve, in case of circumstances where your work has exceeded expectations and brought about an absolute reversal of fortunes for the business you were working for. If astrologers working on their inexact sciences can be getting away with bonuses why you can't, your work is scientifically proven and there are more than one ways to see just how the insights provided by you have resulted in deliverables actually realized upon b by the clients.