Being a consultant is not easy. To be a consultant you will need problem solving technique.

There are several things that business consultants must know or look for:

In the first place a good business consultant will rely on hard data. If you have had your degree just finished then it is likely that there will be many people and even clients who will have better industry experience than you.   The things that are going to prove you ahead of them are the availability of hard data. When there is effective research carried on by you, it is going to make you confident business consultants.

Whenever there is a problem that needs solving from your end then it is vital that you target the root of the problem rather than going about an elaborate and misdirected research. This is just going to waste time and not leave you with many clients. Be concise, compact and to the point.


When you are solving a particular issue of the client then it is suggested that you don’t only look for solutions but also look for opportunities that will or may arise for the client. That is what a good consultant does. It is important that you use the obstacle situation in carving out the problems.

As has been mentioned above, that a good consultant concentrates lesser on the symptom that are being faced by client and it concentrates more on the root cause of that issue. That way the problem is going to get solved faster.  Of course this is going to involve a lot research, problem solving skill, leadership quality and so on and so forth.

If you are setting yourself up as a consultant firm then it is likely that should be thinking and thinking critically about a problem. You must also look into the nature of solution of the problem and also find out if there are other ways that can be used to solve it. This is where critical thinking comes in and this will help setting you up as a consultant who does not come up with stereotypical solutions. Although it is to be kept in mind that everything cannot be done differently and there are a few things that need to be solved in the traditional manner.

It is said that it not just the hammer that can be used to solve a problem. A good consultant will know when to use a nail and even a needle. They have many things in their tool box to perform the job.

A good consultant will always be willing to do more market research even when the clients are not in hand. They are always ready for the briefing that they are supposed to give to the clients. Any clients can walk-in uninformed and have a talk with you. In that case one should not come off inexperienced or look like you lack the knowledge of market.

Learn from the mistakes that the firm makes and use it to strengthen your solution giving process. Study as much vase study as possible and study the big giants too, in other industries as well as your own industry. Be aware of the competition you are surrounded with.