‘Business consultants’ is a broad term and some of us are not very clear on the different categories and types of consulting services available. Knowing about the different categories helps in the hiring the required consulting services for your business. We here discuss the categories in brief

·         Financial Advisory Consultant - they estimate the financial capacity of the business and analytical capabilities within an organization.

·         Human Resource Consultant - the services are related to talent acquisition and the human capital questions.

·         IT Consultant - the development and application of Information Technology is the main focus of this category.

·         Strategy Consultant - carries out work assigned by top managers, like CEO’s, directors and senior managers. They are providing services in the decision-making process.

·         Management Consultant - organizational anxiety from strategy to an assortment of elements within management is the forte of these types of consultants.

·         Operations Consultant - these business consultants aim to improve the performance of the client’s company or firm.