Women Entrepreneur

Cheers to all the Indian women who are striving everyday to make lives better around them. Women are known to have strong determination. This determination and willingness has shown fruitful results in the world of business too. Entrepreneurship, often termed as the male dominated field of life, the women have occupied their own seat at the table.

Here, in this article we shall get to know some of these superwomen who have shattered ceilings and have successfully empowered many women:

Manisha Raisinghani, Co-founder & CTO, LogiNext

A well known name in the logistic industry, this company has earned reputation as the fastest growing SaaS companies in Asia. It has been successfully providing in real time route planning algorithm to consumers doing business in different industries.

Naiyya Saggi, CEO & Founder, BabyChakra

BabyChakra has 30 million subscribers. It is an online platform which is making parents decide on subjects like parenting, doctors, playschool and medicines. It is a complete solution for the parents or couple expecting a new born.

Aditi Gupta, Founder, Menstrupedia

India has kept quite on menstrual topic for a long time. This taboo is breaking now. More and more people are coming up and talking openly about menstrual hygiene and topics related to it. A major contribution in this field has been made by Menstrupedia. The site is devoted in making girls and women aware of the problems that they may face pre and post puberty, the hygiene of it and so on and so forth. It also publishes comics and the comics have gained popularity in Philippines and South American nations as well.

 Upasana Taku, Co-founder, MobiKwik

MobiKwik platform has been helping many Indians in taking financial decisions. Getting financial assistance or advice from a reliable platform is important. Mobikwik is a trusted name for many of the business aspirants and financers.

Radhika Aggarwal, Co-founder, ShopClues

Taking a different marketing perspective, Shop Clues is catering to the needs of Tier II and Tier III cities of India. It has gone to market the unbranded product making a social contribution in India that is much appreciated.

Falguni Nayar, Founder & CEO, Nykaa

This is app is found in every girls phone. Nykaa is first of its kind. It was started in the year 2012 and from then it has brought a revolution in e-commerce that was not conceived earlier in the history of Indian e-commerce business ideas. Congratulations to Falguni Nayar for this innovative step that as empowered women by helping them take care of their skin and beauty.

Shukla Bose, Founder, Parikrma Foundation

‘A life on equal terms’ is the motto of Parikarma Fondation and their aim is to provide education to as many socially disadvantaged children as possible. The sections of parents who are not able to afford quality education for kids have gained a hope through the efforts of Shukla Bose.

Chetna Gala Sinha, Social entrepreneur

The Mann Deshi Bank was the brainchild of Chetna Gala Sinha which is cooperative bank that is run by women and is run for the assistance of women. There are many business consultants that suggest on starting a social enterprise.

Neha Juneja, Co-founder, Greenway Grameen

A cook stove company this is designed to help women conserve about 70% of the fuel. It has prevented harmful emission of gases and has effectively reduced cooking time thus making women devote time in other areas of their interest.

These entrepreneurs have helped the woman India to look up to them and also make them try their hands at entrepreneurship. Remember, women must demand equal set at the table. Nothing less and nothing more! If you are confused about your idea here then get in touch with business consultants.