Kerala is a beautiful state and is known for goods many things and recently it has started to be known for the business opportunities that it is offering.

Thrissur, Kochi, Kollam is the three main places that have shown considerable improvement in Kerala. As it can be understood with the amount of tourist that is being received by Kerala that Tourism is one of the most important sectors in Kerala and many business opportunities lies within that industry. Tourism industry is huge and ever expanding. India is one the rise with much small scale business opportunity.


Here, we have tried to list some of the options that can be explored in Kerala:

·         Hotels

Hotels are high in demand when there is peak season. When Kerala is tight with tourists, many people face lack of rooms. During these hours you could fill up the gap and make good money out of the demand.

·         Restaurants

Restaurants depend on quality, pricing and locations; these are the three important determinants of getting into a restaurant business. During the peak season the demand goes high. One thing that makes the restaurants a hit is specialty. Tourist and locals both are attracted to specialties. You can go for restaurants opportunities in Thrissur, Kochi, Kollam in Kerala.

·         Health Tourism

Kerala with its scenic beauty and Deccan culture has become an important center for health tourism. Worldwide Kerala has earned a name for itself in the field of health or healing tourism. This could be a combination of various things. From food, to stay and mediation all could be included in health tourism. Health tourism could be approached from various angles. It is interesting and attracts crowd.

·         Ayurveda

Kerala is the center for ayurveda developments and tourism. This could be a great opportunity for the new business entrepreneurs. This could be merged with heath tourism and you can make the best use of ayurveda ancient secrets in health tourism in the form of spa and food consumption and therapy.

·         Home Stays

There are many people who love to have a homely stay when they go out. This is sometimes part of the heath and ayurveda tourism. If you have a place of your own then you can decorate it with Indian ancient theme. This will not involve much cost of establishments yet gives you a good income. This business idea is recommended when you have a place of your own. If you rent a place then it is going to be very high in cost.

·         Shopping Center

You can open a small shopping store which can have essential items including food, clothing and a bit of fast food. It could be in the form of a mart or large store. It can be of good value to tourist and locals alike.

·         Tea Store

Kerala is known for the tea plantation and tea could be a source of income here. Cost of tea is quite low as it is produced here in bulk. To add a touch of beauty you can have assortment of tea in fine packaging. Locals will buy it and the tourists are going to carry it for their friends and family back home.

These ideas need to be implemented after you have gone though effective market research, It is suggested that you take the help of business consultants. They will guide you in market research, identifying the target consumers and also identifying the rival brands and the level of competition that could be faced. Kerala is the new state to be for the small scale entrepreneurs.