Pune is the city bringing commerce and culture together; making both co-exist like it should in a civilization. If it has forts and hills, it also has some of the vital industrial giants functioning here. Quality of life is significantly improving here and people are settling down in Pune as business owners making the business sector quite diverse than before:

If you too live in Pune or thinking to start a business there then here are a few ideas that can help:


This is a large industry that, given the population and taste bud of India, will never get saturated. You have endless means of innovation and creativity to show here. Pune has endless number of students who go to restaurants.

The employees over there too use the restaurants food quite often.  In short, the chances of you making a name for yourself among the food lovers are not bad.

What has to be kept away is drabness. Pune is the city of youth and people here live a happening life. It is important to capture that when you design the concept of your restaurant.

Web Design

There are several businesses that have gained popularity with advent of digitization of business. Every business today needs website and here comes the important role played by web designers.

Web designing business can be done on freelancing pattern or you could make a team of your own and take project from domestic and international clients.



As there are many businesses that are starting off, business consultants in Pune have become an important industry. Business consultants are there to help and guide the business in right direction.

They contribute in making firms decision that is going to be cost effective and pull the customers towards the product and service that a particular company is producing. The employees in such consultants are industry experts and most a Masters in Business Administration.

English Teaching Websites

In India there are many people who want to learn talking and writing in English. Apart from them, there are many university, college and school students who face problems in undertaking several aspects of English.

You can teach them online through online classes or videos. This industry is grasping firm control over the market.

There are many firms that make module wise videos with narration with colorful depiction for difference age group. From standard II to university, the options of module preparation are endless and you can be as experimental as you want.

Recruiting Agency

Recruiting agencies help multiple organizations in getting desired employees. This business does not require very high capital. All it requires is an office or portals where you can set your identity as recruiter.  This business is built on contacts. It needs gradual relationship building with the clients. It is same as business consultants in Pune but the field of recruiting human resources is more streamlined and narrower than the business consultants.

Event Managing Company

Pune is a city where many events keep taking place. Event management companies take the responsibility of organizing events. Events need amalgamation of several elements like stage, food, music, volunteers and many more. Being an event organizer, you need to have contacts from IT teams to chaiwala.  You need to build up a relation with everyone around you.

Content Writer

Writers are in demand with the advent of website and online marketing of products and services. When clients visit the website they look for convincing content and not just design and pictures. Most of the marketing companies today have a writer or writers that look after the content that is needed to market the product and services.