After struggling for quite many years, Bengal has moved up to Fifth place to occupy the 10th spot on the list of ease of running a small business, this rank released in last 2018. Andhra Pradesh has managed to secure the top position in India for this year also having 98.4%, narrowing down other neighbor and tough rival state Telengana (98.3%).

Not like last two versions, DIPP (the department of industrial policy and promotion) clubbed up with World Bank to factor in “user review” in addition to “reform is undertaken” while ranking all the states. Nine states of India have already achieved a score around 95% and even above to be tied up in the top successor’s category. Bengal, having scored 94.7% narrowly slipped of the place in this group, but topped the achiever club of all six states that scored between 90-95%.

Bengal has scored high 99.5% in reforms to occupy the third position in this very category along with other three states but it is overall performance was pulled it down by 53.7% in “feedback card”.


Top industry ministry exclaimed in the joy that in at least four subcategories we have achieved the fifth position which means our great improvement in this field of blooming Business Consultants in Kolkata too. We can hope to boost the top rank in the upcoming years.

Ease of doing business ranking or Business reform action plan has been triggered by a quick enhancement in India’s global ranking and the stiff targeted set by PM to move India to the top 50 ranks. Most states take the ranking very seriously and watch their performance as a key factor in aiding all the companies to choose their investment target.

This very intense competition can be measured from the reality that the difference in score between AP and the seventh position MP (97.3%) was just over a point of percentage. At least two states Jharkhand-Telengana had undertaken all the reformation while Andhra, Gujrat, Haryana has scored 99.73%.

What made the actual difference was the review from lawyers, businesses, architects and also electrical contractors.  While 50000 were contacted, 5000 already responded most of which were business. Ramesh Abhisekh, Industrial policy, and promotion secretary said that next year the entire evaluation would be done based on the review from the industry.

Over last three years, the reformation plan has expanded from 285 to 372 action points and the states and union territories undertook reform plans to ease their rules and regulation and the whole system in different areas like environmental clearance, labor, construction permits property registration and inspection, DIPP described. They have endorsed the Public Service Delivery Guarantee Act to impose the Deadlines on the approval and registration process.

While there is a tough competition for the topmost slots, there were at least three states like Meghalaya, Lakshadweep and Arunachal Pradesh that did not undertake even a single reformation. Andaman, Manipur, Mizoram undertook less than 4% of the reformation that was listed out by DIPP as the rising star of the year.

“Many of them has already attended the video conference but complained about the lack of capacity” an official explained. Apart from the review based ranking process, this year the center also took the decision to pair states, a better performer with last year’s smaller states as the part of handholding initiative to develop the all business environment.