Maharashtra is a large state with industries that are potentially contributing to the national income imputation of India. Mumbai, Pune, and Nagpur are the three main cities that have become important commercial centers not in Maharashtra but entire India. With its industrial output, Maharashtra has played a pivotal role in developing the economy of India.  Maharashtra has great geographical advantage as a result it has become logistically important especially the city of Nagpur.

Railway in Maharashtra is well linked and it has one of the best developed inter-city rails, making rail as the maximum used mode of transport for the people of Maharashtra.

As it is the leading industrial state, it is also producing about 13% of India’s total industrial output. Because of this it has been quite successful in attracting foreign and domestic investments. Chemicals, drugs, pharmaceuticals, information technology, biotechnology, automobiles textiles, and auto components are some of the sectors that Maharashtra has achieved a distinction in. Not only in heavy industries, Maharashtra is a state to invest when it comes education, fashion, finances and information technology too.

Agriculturally too Maharashtra is a leading producer of oilseeds, rice, cotton, sugarcane. Adding to that, just like cherry on the cake, is the rich cultural that people of Maharashtra and India are proud of. A major reason for the growth of industries in Maharashtra is availability of skilled laborers.

Let us briefly outline the major industries in Maharashtra and how they offer project opportunities.

Automotive Industry

The total automotive produce in India is quite good and Maharashtra produces about 33% of the total output. With logistical advantage and skilled laborers and collective responsibility of the private and public investments this sector has become an important one in Maharashtra. If you are looking to set out as an entrepreneur in the industrial sectors of Maharashtra then this industry is a good option.


Maharashtra has a large part of land under cultivation. Given the land size of Maharashtra, it is an important contributor to industrial produce of India that is both processed in India and exported abroad.

Maharashtra has occupied an important position in organic farming too. As the people of Maharashtra and India are becoming health conscious, there is enough production of organic fruits and vegetables.



Textile is an important sector and here too Maharashtra is a leading contributor making a total 10.4% contribution to the total national output of textile in India. Nashik, Mumbai, PuneNagpur, Sangli, Satara, Solapur are the main areas where the industrial textile processing and commerce takes place.

If you are thinking to launch into textile industry of Maharashtra as an entrepreneur then these are the place that has the potential to give you a positive start.

Information Technology

Maharashtra has Pune, Nasik, Mumbai and Nagpur that are increasingly going forward in terms of IT companies. Pune is home to many of the IT companies that have established headquarter there. There are numerous examples of IT startups.

Coal Washing Unit

As Maharashtra has major industrial belts of India coal becomes an important source of power in running factories and smelting materials. Power generation is done through coal. In short, coal is indispensable to an industrial sector and factories. Through coal washing project you can upgrade the quality of coal. This business is going to get a huge response. There are already many coal washing units in Maharashtra. Your industry research and knowledge should be profound before getting into entrepreneurship.