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Business consultants in India are usually professionals in a specific field and have a wide knowledge of the subject matter. A business consultant by definition is a professional who helps businesses develop efficient plans for meeting their goals. 

Business consultants in India can always refer to management analysts who work in areas that include marketing, human resources, management, and accounting. Business consultants in India refer to professional’s works with clients on strategy, planning and problem solving, and helps clients develop business skills and knowledge. 

These topics range from designing a business model or marketing plan to determining which marketing techniques to use and how to use them. Business consultants in India refer to professionals with expertise in your industry or with the kind of problems that your business faces. 

            Things to Consider Before You Become a Consultant

  • Certification Business consultants in India are required to get themselves ‘certified’ if they wish to earn their living in lieu of the consulting services they are going to provide.. Certification is tricky terrain and the road to certification depends on the geographical area your business is situated in with respect to the laws of the land of the country, state, county, industry et al.  
  • Qualification Before becoming one of the business consultants for startups make sure you have the qualifications necessary to get the job done. If you want to be a computer consultant, for example, make sure you are up to date in the knowledge department with all the trends and changes in the computer industry.

          Top 10 Consulting Businesses Today

          Although Business consultants in India can be found in any field these days, the current top 10 consulting businesses include:

  • Auditing: Auditing is defined as conducting an examination of a series of events or activities used by business consultants for startups to verify that those events or activities are being maintained and recorded in accordance with established guidelines, policies and procedures. The examination should be conducted by an internal auditor on a periodic basis and by an independent auditor on an annual basis.
  • Business writing: The term business writing refers to memorandums, reports, proposals, emails, and other forms of writing used in organizations to communicate with internal or external audiences. Business writing is a type of professional communication. It is also known as business communication and professional writing.
  • Corporate Communications: Corporate communication is a management function used by business consultants for startups which is dedicated to the dissemination of information to key constituencies, the execution of corporate strategy and the development of messages for a variety of purposes for inside and outside the organization.
  • Editorial services: Editing is the process of revising a text to detect and correct any mistakes or errors. Some people believe that this profession is unnecessary or overrated, as they judge a text by its content and not necessarily by its form. Editorial services provided by business consultants for startups include editorial policy, proofreading, copy writing and technical editing. 
  • Grantsmanship: Grantsmanship as a service provided by business consultants for startups is the art of acquiring peer-reviewed research funding. Grants provide money and other resources to aid and assist organizations in funding and completing projects that benefit the public.
  • Human resources: A human-resources department of an organization performs human resource management, overseeing various aspects of employment, such as compliance with labor law and employment standards, administration of employee benefits, and some aspects of recruitment and dismissal.
  • Insurance: Insurance is a contract, represented by a policy, in which an individual or entity receives financial protection or reimbursement against losses from an insurance company. The company pools clients' risks to make payments more affordable for the insured.
  • Marketing: Marketing also involves analyzing consumer needs, securing information needed to design and produce goods or services that match buyer expectations and creating and maintaining relationships with customers and suppliers.
  • Payroll management: Payroll services marketing material should highlight generic key benefits that appeal to any industry, such as reduce time spent managing payroll, increase accuracy of state and federal payroll withholdings, increase the efficiency of a paycheck and pay stub delivery.
  • Publishing: Publishing is the dissemination of literature, music, or information—the activity of making information available to the general public. In some cases, authors may be their own publishers, meaning originators and developers of content also provide media to deliver and display the content for the same. Also, the word publisher can refer to the individual who leads a publishing company or an imprint or to a person who owns/heads a magazine.

            Why an Organization Wants to Hire You

According to a recent survey, here are the top 10 reasons organizations hire consultants:

1. Expertise. A major part of business consultants demand in a job or profession boils down to his expertise in the filed in which the prospective economic buyer wants to initiate or expand an economic activity in.

2. Identifying problems. Business consultants are brought in to identify problems and solve an immediate crisis looming large in the business, business consultants look deeper into the symptoms plaguing the business and help the client in diagnosing the business towards recovery. 

3. Supplementing the staff. Sometimes business consultants are hired for supplementing the staff as this exercise of employing the staff is more productive and economical than hiring full-time employees who need to be paid fixed salaries and other benefits.

4. Acting as a catalyst. Business consultants are brought in when the continuing scheme of things at a workplace isn’t bringing the desired objects and a change is required along with some disruptions and an overhaul of the scheme of the things at the business, business consultants are thus hired on the payroll to serve as a catalyst in facilitating this change and "get the ball rolling." 

5. Providing much-needed objectivity. Business consultants are brought in to bring an objective, fresh viewpoint to the scheme of the things at the workplace and lend in a fresh bout of objectivity to the business which might have gotten compromised due to the myopic vision and inherent biases of the management who are emotionally attached to the business to a point of no return. 

6. Teaching.  A business consultant isn’t just hired to give his insights on how the business should be running or give his insights to bring about a change in the scheme of things at the workplace. Mentoring and counseling are central facets of the repertoire of a business consultant. And thus a business consultant can also be called upon to teach new concepts and practices to the existing and paid employees of the company and also mentor and counsel them into being more productive and professional.  

7. Doing the "dirty work."  Business consultants in India are a breed of professionals who no matter howsoever get intricately involved with the internal mechanisms of a business will not always be external to the existing and paid employees of the company. Hence a business consultant might be called upon to do the dirty work and the entire blame can be very conveniently shifted on him so that the environment of the workplace is not compromised or plagued with feelings of hatred, animosity or insecurity. Business consultants in India can work magically here if he is asked to go about the process in a very professional manner.

8. Bringing new life to an organization. Business consultants can bring in a new wave of life and energy to the organization and bring about an exuberance of youthful energy which might serve as a pleasant change in the working atmosphere and environment of the business which might get too mundane and monotonous sometimes for obvious reasons. Business consultants are harbingers of good change and prosperity (most of the times) to a business concern and should always be appreciated and respect as an integral of the business.

 9. Creating a new business. Business consultants can always be brought in a business which is looking to expand operations by venturing into greener pastures and other businesses. Business consultants are often a jack of many trades and their expertise after years of experience in the professional circles might augur well for the people who hire them in getting their insights.

 10. Influencing other people. Business consultants can help you make the required contacts to initiate your business, expand it, scale operations or even venture into greener pastures. Being in the professional circles for years before taking up consulting, business consultants have contacts on speed dial, which have the resources and reach to get things done.  

The Necessities to Setup A Consulting Business


When you first open the doors to your business consulting service, you might work alone as a business consultant with other business consultants who might be partners in your new firm, but as operations begin to pick up you will need to go out there and hire management consultants and aspiring business consultants for startups to take care of the work-load which will surely begin to pile on, as your business consulting service, keeps getting bigger and better with time.

   2.Income and Billing

Since you have decided to commence your career as a business consultant for startups by opening a business consulting service, you need to give serious thought and finally narrow down on the amount money you will charge your clients an hourly basis, retainer basis and the normal basis for a project when they choose to bring your business consulting service on their payroll.


A brochure is an informative paper document used by business consultants in India that can be folded into a template, pamphlet or leaflet. Brochures are promotional documents, primarily used to introduce a company, organization, products or services and inform prospective customers or members of the public of the benefits.

 4.Cold Calling

While most business consultants in India are not fond of using the phone to market or sell, there are always some techniques rights around the corner that you can use to improve your chances to market effectively through the phone.

First of all, you need a decent phone from a manufacturer known for decent voice quality. Further, since you have decided to market your business using the phone, it has become an integral part of your business and cannot and must not be doubled up as a Fax machine. Buy a fax machine if you really have to but the phone needs to be kept sacrosanct. Further, you need a phone which has the speed dial key, the redial key, a mute button, a speakerphone option and a hold feature. ‘Call forwarding’ or ‘call failing’ options also don’t end if you must go for a higher end phone and a Caller ID can absolutely work wonders.

Further, you need a phone which has the speed dial key, the redial key, a mute button, a speakerphone option and a hold feature. ‘Call forwarding’ or ‘call failing’ options also don’t end if you must go for a higher end phone and a Caller ID can absolutely work wonders.

5.Public Speaking

Public speaking is another excellent way for business consultants for startups to recruit new clients and to earn a reputation for excellence in your community. The best speakers know the power of silence. They are unafraid of letting the room waiting for a moment. These speakers can sit calmly for a breath or two in total silence and feel comfortable--and actually use it to their advantage.

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