The business consultants are the professionals whose services are in demand in all types of industries, companies, and firms. But, the definition of the job profile cannot be squished into one or a few words. Well, there are reasons for this; the most common reason is that the consultants are expert multi-taskers who juggle many things at one time.
Sometimes they can be engaged in a meeting with the client, the second half can be for explaining the implementation of new technologies and ideas to the client’s employees, and lastly, they can be addressing a mentorship program with fellow participants.

Late nightshifts to prepare PPT and agendas for the next day meetings extend the working hours of the day for these professionals. So, there are plenty of facts for everyone to know about the business consultants.

  1. They are juggling many roles at one time- multitasking is their forte; they act as inventors, physicians, engineers, and Financial Advisors and Investment Bankers. So, it can be rightly said that they work on demand and not on the profile.
  2. It is a result oriented job profile- no amount of office hours, dedicated weekends to the job or long work schedules fetches the brownie points for the business consultants. The results or outcome of their work is the only parameter for their work.
  3. They work as interior designers as well. They put effort to make the brand look good. A good looking brand fetches attention and is able to gain business as well. So, they do the job of designers to get the attraction.
  4. They are travelers and not for pleasure. They have inevitable traveling hours on the road to meet clients and definitely, the mode of travel can be anything. The main aim is to meet the clients or get the job done for the client.

  5. They are hired not employed. No company wants to burden its finances with regular salaries and incentives. So, they prefer to hire the business consultants for intermittent intervals and get the job done.

  6. They are suitable for all types of business. Form medical practitioners, lawyers, startups, midsized companies, NGO’s and even MNC’s hire them as they have services for all types of business.

How ethics play an important role for the consultants

The limitations or better the values for professionals are designed for the business expansion or aim with the same target, but this restricts the initiator’s personal progress. Their gain is obviously compromised if the ethical route is followed by the professionals.
The sense of right or wrong within any professional’s own conscience is something very intimate and personal judgment. It can be the problematic aspect of the business as well as professional’s honor.
Speaking of business integrity, there are different opinions on the topic. Mostly influenced by personal opinions or largely fulfillment, it has many shades of acceptance. The best example to explain the situation is speaking of comfort- for example, something as background music may be enjoyable for one person and for the other individual it might be a nagging nuisance.

However, the actual issue which is prevalent in the integrity ‘fad’ is to pluck out the practices and label them as ‘illegal’ or ‘felony’. The management/ decision-making team to ask the executives to abide by the ethics, however, they themselves neglect it to maximize the revenue share.
The job of a consultant is probably the most self-regulating job among all the professions. It also attracts a lot of mixed opinions from the management, as some believe that it is a fancy and no use designation and for some, they find it as a catalyst for the organization.
Well, in verbal communication regarding the business consultants, they are experts who are not only talented but have actually earned their expertise by demanding exposure to different situations by working for various clients. So, speaking of ethical dilemma, to them it is purely the knowledge that they prefer keeping under wrap from their clients.
Consultants are hired to deliver the knowledge to the management that is acting as a hurdle for the company growth. Well, for any expert consultant it is not a herculean task to understand the pointers, but the decision making to what to deliver to the client is a tough job. The acquaintance about the issues or pointers can be plucked out and informed to the client immediately or can be served in a proper channelized way.
The long route to deliver the information to the client guarantees a long-term association with the organization and continuous paychecks. It is the sole decision of the consultants and actually involves the business consultants ethics. It is eventually the final call of the consultant.